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List Your Project

This page explains how you can get your project listed in the Index projects that we support.

Cross Brigade Project Index

The index automatically pulls data from the brigade-information project:

  1. View the organizations.json file and look for your brigade (a simple cmd-F should do the trick).
  2. If your brigade is already listed, check the following fields: 1. “projects_list_url” should be your brigade’s GitHub URL. 2. “tags” should include “Brigade” and “Code for America”.
  3. If your brigade is not listed there or you want to consider other ways to include your brigade’s projects, choose one of the other methods.

Note that currently, non-US and non-brigade organizations aren’t currently pulled into the Project Index Statusboard.

Tagging your brigade’s projects

The group that has been working on this project has begun to form a taxonomy.
When assigning topics, please check the existing topics (and consider adding to the official set synonims if something is missing) first to be sure you’re not creating a duplicate.
For COVID-19 related projects, please use the topic “covid-19”.

Civic Tech Index

The Civic Tech Index website will soon guides users to tag github projects so to be included in this Index. The inclusion is based on using some specific tags in Github (which could be also done manually).

Democracy Lab

If you are or become a Democracy Lab registered user you can add projects through the website at