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If you see anything incorrect or incomplete in this documentation, you can follow the instructions below to update the source documentation.

You can edit directly this wiki pages with the pencil appearing on the right inside of each page/paragraph. This process will create a fork and a pull request that the repo owner will need to approve and merge. Similarly, you can edit the md file directly in github.

This documentation website is generated with MkDocs. See the MkDocs documentation for detailed information on writing and styling documentation.

File layout

mkdocs.yml          # the configuration file
docs/       # the documentation homepage
    ...             # other markdown pages, images and other files

Live previews

With Docker installed and Chef Habitat installed, you can work against a live-updating local version of the site in one command:


Publishing documentation

Changes pushed/merged into the master branch will be automatically deployed via GitHub Actions within a couple minutes.

Added features

Several additional features/extensions are enabled in the documentation site: