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Overview ΒΆ

Project Index Working group is currently composed of interested brigade volunteers and CfA staff who are separately working on a variety of projects all related to fostering data models and creation of searchable indexes that will allow people to find and connect with projects in specific topic areas. Each of the projects also has additional goals and directions

We connect on the areas that are related and keep eachother informed on the areas where our goals and directions diverge

Want more information? See our presentation from Brigade Congress 10/2020 video.

You can learn more about the few initiatives that this group focuses on below.

How to Participate

  • Join one of the individual initiatives (below)
  • Join the co-organizer team
    • Every two weeks on Wednesday at 3 PM PT/ 5 PM CT / 6 PM ET
  • Volunteer to one of the initiatives
  • Spread the word at your brigade, and add data to the index for projects
  • Provide marketing help

Meeting times

Zoom meeting link Wednesday every other week 3pm PDT / 5pm CDT / 6pm EST

Slack channel #brigade-project-index

Google Drive

Project Homepage Maintainer(s)
Project Index Crawler Chris
Project Index Statusboard Melanie
Civic Tech Index Bonnie, Olivia
DemocracyLab Mark
Civic Tech Taxonomy Gio
publiccode.yml Helper Gio